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i'm about 4 years too late with this comment, hopefully you can still remember the characters,
Ouran is one of my fav animes/mangas. occasionally i will still rewatch or re read my mangas.
Although i have been slacking off on my animes/mangas since Arashi came along, but when i read this post i just had to comment. ( Just discovered your blog 3 days ago have been busy leeching)

Kyouya in my mind - jun?
twins -nino
honey - aiba mori - sho
Tamaki... that was the headache, ohno?hmm prob not. But he is mostly the one that Jun will give in to the most.

but when you suggested Aiba, i was thinking nah... but on second thought I remember the scene where he was showing his doggy plea look,and all the members caved in. and that seems like Aiba. :)
its nice to indulge in both Anime love and Arashi love!

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