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[this is good] hi ^^
i found this sort of randomly. and i just wanted to express my agreement.  >< i think it's really frustrating when people look down idols, like they don't realize how hard they work and how hard their work really is.  it's not always the same kind of talent people expect but it takes a LOT of talent to be an idol i think.

so anyway. i'm the same way.  i don't try to make everyone agree with me but i don't hid that i'm an arashi fan.  i'm incredibly proud of them and i think they're wonderful, and i'm incredibly proud to be a fan. ^^
(i used to be an intellectual snob once, actually... and i was no fun that way at all. >< it's not FUN being like that!!)

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Ahhhh... I do not hide it but yeah it is hard to say it out because to others I am not making sense,
They only hear how much time and money I am spending and probably think i need to get a life.
But on any occasion I can find i will drop references to my Arashi :). But I have only been in this Fandom for 1 and half years so mada mada da ne, I have to spread more of this love!

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