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Lots of updates dear..:) Thanks


Hello! I didn't no where to put this, so I decided to put it here :] I hope ypu don't get angry with me >_< My name is Harumi chan, I'm from Brazil and love so so so so much Arashi, specially Sakurai Sho! My ichiban forever! I really love your vox and I add you as a neighboor! I'm wondering if we migth be friends... I love to do news friends even more when they also like Arashi ^^
Thanks for all, and since now sorry if I bother you!
Arashi kissus


gomen, I added you before I read this :/


Hi! I've read what you wrote up there.. still would  like to add you in my neighborhood though (which I think i already did...gomen m(-_-)m....)... I find most of your entries interesting anywayz.....Thank you for these

nieca matsujun

hi.... big thanx for you... for sharing all bout arashi. i like arashi since 2 years ago.... and b4 i knew ther's vox n there's you... i don't know where i 've 2 download.

n noww...... GOD...... thanx.... big thanx..... a lots of thanx.... GOD BLESS...

thanx for adding as your neighbour.... thanx....... LOL !!!

arashi fan girl

e i hope your ok sableheart -san dont worry you will be ok soon ok (^_^)/ i hope you get well soon we will be always supporting you no matter what cause your are very nice person ok ja mata ne

your friend or junior ~sayou


Wow! So many goodies! Thanks for sharing. (:


hihi...i didnt noe u dun add ppls until i read it...bt i wanna say thx to u...thx fer sharing soo many vids of arashi...thx a lot.. many thxs


[this is good] Advance Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing a lot! XD


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your work and time spent to share all these files!!


honey, thank you so much for all the files!!!
I tryed to enter into your request section, but somehow I couldn's enter into it... so... do you have by any chance the 10 years dvd? I would really appreciate it!!!

thank in advance!

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